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    emotive noise

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    Emotive noise by chaos, art and technology


    Monoscope, ambient piano far travelers.


    Transference is a voyage through dark ambient soundscapes were ten specific states of emotions are captured and recalled by emotive noise.


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    Monoscope 2018

    1. A melody for you
    2. Piano electra
    3. Fabrica abandona
    4. Pianissimo
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    Transference 2016

    1. The Circus
    2. During the passage
    3. Home
    4. Last thoughts
    5. Transported
    6. Lightheaded
    7. Projection
    8. Borderline
    9. Frozen
    10. Requiem
  • Biography

    Citizen H is the pseudonym of the Swedish musician, producer and artist Niklas Hellberg. Born in Karlstad, Sweden 1964.


    Hellberg started as a producer and engineer in the early 80:s, recording and producing local punk, rock and other acts including indie rock band All that jazz. All that jazz started working closer with Hellberg after recording songs for their debut EP "Banner of love" in 1985. Hellberg later joined the band as keyboard player in 1986. After several years as a band member including the release of two major label albums, "Even the threes" 1987 & "Colorblind" 1990 the band broke up in 1991.


    Hellberg moved to Amsterdam in 1991 and joined the band Peace Love and Pitbulls . Exploring the world of industrial music from 1991-1997 releasing three albums "Peace love & pitbulls" 1992, "Red Sonic Underwear" 1995, "3" 1998 and touring during the period. During this period Hellberg also started to pursue his interest in industrial, noise, electronic and ambient music.


    Hellberg continued working together with Thåström recording and releasing the album "Singoalla" under the name Thåström/Hell in 1998 for the Darling Desperados live theater performance with the same name at Gärdet in Stockholm Sweden.

    Thåström and Hellberg also wrote music for another Darling Desperados performance "Over the rainbow" in 1997. This music is currently unreleased.


    As member in Sällskapet together with Thåström and Ossler, Hellberg started working on the debut album in 2002. The self-named album "Sällskapet" was released in 2006. The debut went straight in as number 1 on the Swedish album charts of best-selling albums. The 2:nd album "Nowy Port", released in 2013 made number 5 in the Swedish sales chart when released. Sällskapet recently released their third album Disparition.


    Hellberg also works closely with Thåström in Thåström solo act as producer, musician and also in the live band on several tours and albums during the period 2005 starting with "Skebokvarnsvägen. 209" and still ongoing with the latest released album "Centralmassivet" 2017.


    Hellberg also founded the record label and recording studio Dust music together with friends 2002. The label and studio was operating 2002-2010. Releasing and recording several albums with artist like Sällskapet, Ossler, Monkey strikes, The Bukks, Gakko 3, Deltahead, Peggy Lejonhjärta, Conny Nimmersjö among others.


    Hellberg currently lives in Karlstad Sweden. Carrying out most of Citizen H recordings in studio Nutopia.


    -Niklas Bergson 2016

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    Hellberg appears on following releases among others as a engineer, musician, songwriter or producer.

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